8 Ways You Can Optimize Your WordPress Website

If you ask me, WordPress is a very well coded website (already), but still some people in hope of trying something new, install tons and tons of extremely low quality plugins.

So, are you wondering how you can optimize your WordPress Website? Today, I’ll share a few points, which I find very relevant for the optimization (Consider this blog your guide)

#1 Images Speaks For Themselves

Believe it or not, Images do half of your work. You’ll think the least about the images but trust me, if you invest a good amount of your time on the quality of your images, half of your work is done.

Images make or break the website. Poor and inadequate choice of images often ruin the message that the website is trying to convey.

#2 Choose Your Logo Keeping In Mind What Your Brand Follows

How do we choose a logo? I think, a logo must be chosen keeping in mind what your brand is all about. 

Keep your logo in such a way that that your business/work gets recognized just by a look at your logo. I feel, a minimalistic but elegant logo does the job.

Choosing a logo is the first step towards the recognition, therefore, it is recommended that a professional should do this job. You can choose a Website designer of your choice and obviously, according to the budget.

#3 Install caching plugins

Thirdly, one of the most catching way to speed up your site speed and loading time is to install a caching plugin, and when you do so, you’ll be able to tell that your website is loading faster.

In layman’s language, when caching plugins is actively working on your website, it greatly reduces the MySQL database access, number of PHP requests, and also HTTP requests.

#4 De-clutter the website

 This is the core and in-depth concept behind and professional and business website. You must have heard a quote that says, “Less is always more.”

Also, while de-cluttering you should remove a few things:

  1. Unnecessary pop-ups.
  2. Over Advertising.
  3. Automatically played Music and Audio.
  4. Excessively usage of Social Media Buttons.

#5 Website Speed

We all know that the webpage that take a lot of time to load are often abandoned by the visitors in the mid. For which, the visitors prefers to stay on sites that have a good loading time.

To give you a data, for someone who’s using a mobile to use the website approximately takes 22 seconds and if it takes more than that, it is common for visitors to leave the website in mid.

To do that you can do a few things:

  1. Reduce image sizes.
  2. Enhance server response time.
  3. Support browser caching.
  4. Do not include redirects.
  5. Do not include a number of plugins.

#6 Remove extra Plugins

Trust me when I say this, but removing extra plugins and themes from your WordPress website is the best way to optimize it.

As a part to better optimization if you think that the plugins and themes are not taking any space when they are inactive then you are completely wrong. But in fact, they are putting additional burden on the server.

#7 Update the themes, plugins and software regularly

I think it is just not me who gets irritated because of the regular popups that we have for the update. It can be avoided very easily but it is also very important to update.

When it comes to WordPress, it is the most important to update every bit of the website. Ignoring them will not let you enjoy the new features. It can also hamper with the security of your website, all the updates assure that the website is secure of all the new threats that can come in the way.

#8 Have the right hosting plan

When we talk about the WordPress optimization, right hosting plan is very important. With a lot of choices online, people tend to choose the cheapest one, with is the first mistake.

Also, almost everyone should make sure that they don’t make the foundation of their website a shaky one by choosing a cheap hosting page. Everyone should see it as an investment.

Wrapping up

Website optimization is not an option, it should be seen as significant. Also, the search engine tends to rank websites on the basis of full optimization.

I hope that this blog on how to optimization of your website is beneficial for you.